Enterohepatic Recirculation

8 07 2015
Enterohepatic Recirculation

Enterohepatic circulation refers to the circulation of biliary acids, bilirubin, drugs, or other substances from the liver to the bile, followed by entry into the small intestine, absorption by the enterocyte and transport back to the liver.


Superman’s Kryptonite: The Termination Right Loophole

3 11 2014

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Superman’s Kryptonite: The Termination Right Loophole.


23 09 2014


Vicious Cycle of Bone Cancer

16 09 2014

Vicious Cycle of Bone Cancer

Heart with Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD)

28 02 2013



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3 10 2012

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31 08 2012