In my search for inspiration…

26 10 2009

As I began searching on the internet for some inspiration for my next Instructional Design project I came across Betty. I am thinking of using a famous iconic cartoon character that everyone can associate with when they think about “love.” The project involves designing a process or a timeline involving a specific medical related topic. I have decided to demonstrate what happens in our brains when you are in love…

Betty Boop

This made me curious to see what other nostalgic cartoon character skeletons I could find and here are some more “Character Study” by Michael Paulus


Graph Design for Instructional Design

6 10 2009


Anatomical Visualization #2 – Knee!!

5 10 2009

“Illustrate the skeletal components of the knee joint in pencil including distal femur, proximal tibia and fibula, and patella. Your view should be a 3/4 view of the knee joint. From the same viewpoint, you will illustrate the  “crossing” nature of the ACL and PCL in either the sagittal or the coronal plane by placing two sections of these ligaments (one for the ACL and one for the PCL) in the same drawing as the skeletal components. The final drawing should include a representation of the sagittal planes or the coronal planes in addition to the anatomy. The joint must be in correct anatomical position and in two-point perspective. Your working sketches should indicate the eye level (horizon) and convergence lines. The final illustration should be done in pencil on high quality paper with appropriate labels added digitally.”