Superman’s Kryptonite: The Termination Right Loophole

3 11 2014

Copyright blog post by my husband (an attorney)!

Superman’s Kryptonite: The Termination Right Loophole.


Microbiology in Glass!!

30 03 2011

Through a friend, I was lucky enough to come across this artist. Luke Jerram’s glass pieces of different microorganisms are now only beautiful, but scientifically accurate. I am now a huge fan and will follow his work.

Dr. Shock MD PhD – A Neurostimulating Blog

12 11 2009
Neurobiology of Falling in Love

Neurobiology of Falling in Love - Dr. Shock MD PhD

Since my undergraduate major concentration was Neuroscience it is safe to say that I am extremely interested in, even fascinated by how our brain works. When I was researching for my “brain in love” project I came across this very interesting blog. For those of you who share my interest in learning more about this amazing science, hope you enjoy 🙂

In my search for inspiration…

26 10 2009

As I began searching on the internet for some inspiration for my next Instructional Design project I came across Betty. I am thinking of using a famous iconic cartoon character that everyone can associate with when they think about “love.” The project involves designing a process or a timeline involving a specific medical related topic. I have decided to demonstrate what happens in our brains when you are in love…

Betty Boop

This made me curious to see what other nostalgic cartoon character skeletons I could find and here are some more “Character Study” by Michael Paulus