Enterohepatic Recirculation

8 07 2015
Enterohepatic Recirculation

Enterohepatic circulation refers to the circulation of biliary acids, bilirubin, drugs, or other substances from the liver to the bile, followed by entry into the small intestine, absorption by the enterocyte and transport back to the liver.


Vicious Cycle of Bone Cancer

16 09 2014

Vicious Cycle of Bone Cancer

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28 02 2013



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3 10 2012

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8 02 2012



Anatomy of the Human Voice

18 10 2011

Final Research Project

1 06 2011

Rural communities in Laos, as with many other countries, still practice traditional medicine. In order to promote safe use of medicinal plants, a poster and matching brochure were developed with botanically accurate illustrations of three medicinal plant species that have potential toxic effects when used for traditional medicine. Heliotropium indicum, Leucaena glauca, and Xanthium strumarium were illustrated and then displayed on a matching brochure and poster designed to target rural community members. A second poster was designed similarly to the previous designs to target the scientific community with the purpose of further explicating the science behind the findings that these species indeed had toxic properties. The matching poster and brochure will be printed and distributed by the Institute of Traditional Medicine in Laos, while the scientific poster will be printed and used by the scientists for further educating about the toxicity of the three species.

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